Sunday, 4 January 2015

Being adorable!

Last month has been so busy... That honestly I haven't had the time to breathe.. Let alone blog...!!

And I miss it.. I miss it so much... Because right now at this insanely adorable age that this bumling is in there is just so much to write about! 

So now we have complete sentences.. 

"Siddy wants watermelon juice"!!! 

His longest sentence ever!!! 

But what's more amazing than that is the fact that he listens to what you tell him analyses it and then responds to it... 

I don't know man sometimes for a less than two year old its kinda spooky!!! 

But even more than that it's his ability to understand things.. To differentiate between things....

The other day he found a crayon.. Looked around for someplace to draw ... His drawing book was hidden under his other books..

So I tell him " siddy go get your drawing book" 

I didn't really think he could tell the difference ... But what do you know.. He picks up all the other books, puts them aside and gets his drawing book! 

He loves standing on my feet.. And by standing I mean crushing my toes ... And honestly I know he's a baby and all but sometimes it's just really pissing off... 

So the other day i was watching TV and he's standing in front of me with his back to me and he's watching TV too.. When suddenly he steps back and not only stamps on my toe... In his lame attempt to get off he crushes it nice and good ... 

So I screamed out in pain .... He turns around oblivious for a second.. Sees me hold my foot and says " Mumma got boo boo?" 

"Yes" I say with gritting my teeth...

Next thing you know he's rubbing my feet with his super tiny fingers saying 
"pari pari" 

And he asks me " better Mumma?" 

Like how? How can I get mad at that?!!!

And how? How did he react like that? Like a grown up? Like a very adorable sensitive grown up?!!!! 

It's amazing how much his little mind is grasping... How much its understanding... That tiny little baby of mine... He's fast growing.. And in the right direction don't you think?!!! 

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