Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sigh of relief!

That sigh of relief you take when you shut the door on your kid and hubby as they leave for work and school!!!!!! 

Mornings are mental... Mornings with a baby are super mental... And I'm the most non morning person ever.... 

Wake up make breakfast for hubby, get milk organised for pudding... Try to have a cup of coffee in between making the pudding have his milk ( trying to wean him off the bottle is just an added topping!) then try to feed him an egg while he stares out the window waiting for the trucks, make oats for hubby make pudding's snack, give pudding a bath and get him dressed while he runs around on the bed threatening to fall down... Put the socks and shoes, comb his hair which he messes up himself in seconds... Pack his bag, put hubby's box of oats in his bag... And pack off the two for the day!!!! 

It doesn't seem like much I know, I'm sure most women do more... Like make a full meal for the hubby's 'tiffin' and make a fresh snack for the kid (I do biscuits and chips and somedays paranthas) because he has either an egg or a banana before leaving (look at me justifying my choice of snacks!!!) but for me pre coffee this is all too much to handle... And even if I have my cup of coffee, its usually in breaks by the end of which its just a cold glass of coffee flavoured milk !!

So everytime I shut the door after smiling and waving at my adorable men... I breathe this long sigh of relief... And then I sit for five minutes doing nothing... Well today I wrote this post but usually I try to get those five minutes of just staring at the wall!!!! 

Because that is just the beginning of the day!!! 


  1. Actually, as far as I am concerned, the minute I shut the door, I feel the day is done :D