Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Boo boo happened!!!

So recently, because of the heat, bumling got a little rash on his neck... Everyday twice a day we've been applying some Nivea cream to cool it...

He loves this process... He loves opening the small cream box, loves putting his little fingers in the cream and applying it to his neck! 

Everytime we apply we tell him "boo boo happened no siddy so we are putting cream" 

And he will repeat what we say!!! 

"Boo boo happened to siddy, apply cream!!!"

One day while playing his car fell down from the table... So i said " oh siddy boo boo happend to the car" 

"Boo boo happened..." Thinks for a minute... And goes and gets the cream...

" Mumma apply cream"!!!!!

And that's how his cars smell of Nivea cream!!! 

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