Tuesday, 25 March 2014

THE Big ShiFt

So for all who still don't know.... (simply because Ive been too busy to tell you all plus my phone's been off for two days etc etc!!!!) my darling hubby has got a brand new job here in my favourite city... Bombay!!

Yes... we are back people!!!

It feels amazing.... I think we always knew we would come back, also I knew I wanted bumling's education to happen here... so at some point we would have to move back for that... anyhow here we are!!

Question is how is he taking it? not the hubby.... the hubby is super duper happy (see its exactly the kinda work he was looking for... the music industry!!) no no I meant the little baby boy.....

Lets see.. he loves being here and meeting his nani and mamu and mami... and all the various masis who come to pull on his cheeks!! (but haven't for a long long time now :(

But I think this time he felt a bit lonely... he started to miss a full house.. See back in jaipur we are seven family members, a full time servant, a part time servant and a dog.... so there is always some one or another...

Here suddenly one day Nani went off to jaipur (yes imagine the irony, she had an art fair happening there) and then Daddy went off for full days of work... and our everyday maid's son got sick... so its just him and me  and i think he got bored of me :(

Well more than getting bored of me, I think he just misses everyone else.

I can see it in his eyes... after a few hours of playing with me he'll go off to the other rooms, wait outside closed bathroom doors.... its heartbreaking :(

And he'll keep pointing to my mum's room or the kitchen and say "there there" and i''l take him there and he wont see anyone and he'll get all quiet. sheeeessshhh... at this age to be so full of emotions... I wouldn't have ever imagined...

Also its crazy to fill the day with activities for him.... BEcause he is now super active... he's constantly on the move... gets bored of things really fast...which mean every half an hour it has to be something new... and the heat of this mad summer thats dawning on us is driving him and me mad.

Our day starts at 8:00... luckily daddy is around till 9:45.... so while i'm getting his lunch and breakfast he chills with daddy. Once he's gone though immediately we have to have some toys ready... So we start with some color pens and some building blocks (which have this really annoying music) somedays he chills with me while i read my morning papers pointing at all the pretty actresses!!

Then we have our eggs.... after which we go for our shower because eggs equals a mess!! Somedays like today though he catches a short nap which gives me time to blog!!! His showers are a fun time... I have this small tub i fill and put some toys in and he loves it! His actual shower takes hardly ten minutes but thanks to the tub I can half an hour of the day filled....Usually post this shower he definitely goes to sleep for about forty minutes.

Once he's up I have to have some new thing ready for him... so i alternate between giving him some bowls and spoons, and his big jigsaw puzzle mat or his noisy truck.... if i'm in the kitchen he sits on the window platform and plays with all the utensils that are in the basket.... All activities are time based... I now know what activity gives me how much time to get something else done!

Its now lunch time.... another bane to my existence! What to cook!!! as bad as what to give him to play!! Daal chawal or roti and veggies or khichdi.... and then we play some more.... this is his only tv time in the day because hello I need to eat too...!

Luckily, maybe because of the heat, he catches an afternoon nap as well.... i try to get a shut eye too.... because by now i'm kinda exhausted...matching up to his energy levels its not easy...!!

Once the cook comes and goes... its the best part of both our days.... its off to the park... Its a really nice park, and its close by and the doc has recommended he get his bit of vitamin d from the good ol' sun! So with his shoes and mosquito patch on we get into an auto and go to the park.... He loves it there.... watching all the kids play.... playing with this ball i carry for him, somedays i put him on the slide and he goes nuts!!!! I carry some snack for him, a fruit or biscuits or a parantha...  we've even made a few friends there so its nice.... its a great outing...

We take a quick shower once we are back because I let him loose there... he crawls around, digs his tiny fingers into the mud.... So he needs a good clean up!!

This is the time he starts to miss people.... I think up until this time he is ok with just me... but post the park, he's done with me... He goes all around the house looking for someone... and when he realises there isn't anyone he gets a tad bit cranky...

I have to bring out the big guns now.... (mum stop reading here!!!!)

So I've started giving him a bowl of uncooked pulses to play with.... he loves the feeling of running his fingers thru them (don't you? I used to do it all the time when i went to grocery stores with my mum!!!) and I have even started teaching him to to sort the big ones and small ones into an ice tray... it doesn't always work... what does work is him pushing the grains under the sofa and me trying to retrieve them!!! I also give him some ice in a big parath (don't know the english word for it... the big steel thing we use to make our dough in!!!) he loves playing with ice!!

One time i gave him the red water I got after boiling a beetroot and a brush and paper... twenty minutes of messy heaven!!

So basically at this point he is allowed all things messy... its the only thing that helps!!!

we push and push thru the last hour till daddy is back.... 8:30 and ding dong bell!! yipee daddy is here... mommy can finally breathe again!!!

Poor daddy nobody cares that he may have had a long day at work.... siddy wants him because he's done with mommy and mommy wants him because she is done with siddy!! So he has no choice!!

Post Aadi being back its much easier... he reads his book to him, and plays with him while i get our dinner together... and by ten thirty we are all in bed... bumling isn't always up to sleeping by then... but I'm really trying to get the routine set... So its lights out, bottle of milk and knock out baby!!!

Because tomorrow we have to go thru it all over again!!

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