Monday, 17 March 2014

Sleep.... I need my afternoon sleep.....!!

Have you ever been soooooo sleepy while the little one is sooooo wide awake? 

You're eye lids are so heavy that they keep shutting but he keeps pulling out one one toy from the basket.... 

All you want is ten minutes of quiet shut eye...all he does is play his blasted alligator piano ( who the hell bought him that toy?)

You try and try and try to keep one eye on him but next thing you know you slept for two minutes and when you open your eyes and he's at the other end of the bed... Threatening to jump off!

Once you're got him safely in the corner again you give him all his soft toys... And keep distracting him with them just so you can actually sleep for ten minutes... It seems to be working, he's distracted enough to not move around... You finally start to doze off... And yank... He's got a fistful of you hair and is tugging at it just because!!! 

So you decide he needs to sleep... You get his mulmul... Put him on the swing and start swinging real fast thinking that will make him knock out real fast... Not working so you sing... Two songs, three ... Five songs down you are getting sleepy hearing your own lullabies!!! 

You warm up his milk out him in bed and decide to feed him to sleep.. This has got to knock him out.... He's drinking but with eyes are wide open... Instead you're holding the bottle and next thing you know you've fallen asleep... 

You open your eyes suddenly and see him going for the switches..



Great save!! 

But now you give up... Sleep is not happening... Come to terms with it... Because it's already five... Time to make his next meal.... 

Ahhhhhhh...... !!! 

Maybe tomorrow afternoon!!! 

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