Saturday, 15 March 2014

My show monkey

I used to laugh, usually with embarrassment when I would see mothers tell their kids 'beta sing and show Aunty' or 'dance and show everyone' 

I mean the poor kid... ! 

But all our parents did that no? Put us up as the evening entertainment... Or basically just showed us off...

As most people my age I swore I would never do that to my kids....

Until my bumling started doing the cutest things on cue... 

One of Aadi's masi made that sound where you lightly beat your palm on your mouth (like the red Indians or Bengalis at weddings!) and he loved it.... Next thing you know he wants to do it all the time!!! 

Then we taught him to point at things... The fan, his papa his dadu his dadi.. Dadima, the hulk (Nitinbh!!!), Puran chacha... Mylo...

And we taught him how to bark!!!! So we'll say 'siddy what does Mylo do?' And he says 'bhau bhau!!' 

Granny and Ma taught him to do satsriakal every morning... So when they say satsriakal he puts his palm together!! And when they take him to the mandir he says 'baba' for 'babaji' 

Ma also taught him to give and to take... 

And when you ask him 'where you wanna go' he'll point in a direction and say 'dere!!' 

And we taught him to shake hands and give hi fives!!! 

And we've taught him to say bye bye and wave his chubby little hand.... Which he loves doing... So much so that even when he meets someone the first thing he'll say is bye bye!!! 

And very recently he started doing the cutest thing... So he puts his cheek on his shoulder and gives this super cute smile... Very like 'I'm so cute looks at me!!' So I started saying 'siddy I'm so cute' and he connected the two and started doing it on cue!!!! 

Now automatically when friends come or family I'll tell him 'siddy what does Mylo do?' And wait proudly for him to bark or say ' siddy I'm so cute' and watch how everyone coos around him!!! 

So is it because you think the sun shines from your kid... And expect everyone in the world to think so as well! Or is it because just seeing that tiny little thing respond and react to things makes you so happy that you want to share it with everyone in the world?! 

I think it's the second one.... Just seeing my little bumble bee do the cutest most adorable things it's so much fun and so so entertaining that yes I am totally going to show him off!!

Ps: my mum recently taught him to say flower which comes out more like 'fla va' I'm going to take a video and put it up soon!! 

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