Monday, 16 December 2013

Travelling with the Bumling Part two!

So now I'm happily settled into my seat... More like my own private row!

And it was surrounded by kids... In the row next to mine there was a little girl (lets say Maya) around two with her parents, behind her were two little boys, 18 months (Bob) and four year old (Charlie) with their parents and in front of her a little baby boy (Rajput Baba) around bumlings age with his mum and ayya.

Once settled I realized I had to make Sid his milk... so I happily pressed the button for the air hostess... I had recently watched English Vinglish and remembered how Amitabh tells Sridevi to shamelessly press the button and call the air hostess for anything.... So I did!! And they were more than happy to hold bumling while i made his milk!

Then i got his cotton out, put it in his ears ten times because he removed it nine times!! Rajput Baba's mum asked for some since she had forgotten...!

Captain announced for take off... but suddenly Sid had no interest in the milk.... So i gave him his soother, of which he chewed every part except for what he had to.... luckily the take off was smooth and he seemed ok!

Maya was a full cranky tantrumy little baby.... and made me feel like the old days when i traveled a happy single girl who would get annoyed with tantrumy kids.... but now that I had a baby... i simply sympathized with her parents...!

Bob was a noisy fellow too.... but his parents seemed far more in control .... and would keep entertaining him and feeding him....And Charlie was super interested in coming by to see Sid!!

Sid and Rajput Baba were chilling and doing thier own thing...

But I was super confused... because he usually just knocks out on flights... I had full plans on eating a sandwich drinking an appy fizz.... munching on some nuts and reading my book!!! Yes... very imaginative positive mind I have!!

However Sid had his own plans! He was in full masti mood.... he played with the bag they keep to..well get sick in!! He played with their magazine... an empty bottle, the seat belt, scratched against the glass... looked out into the sky, found that boring!! tried to pull off that fabric thing, they place on the seat head rests, in front of us...made me change from my window to middle seat so as not to annoy the man sitting on that seat...........!!

At one time he got a little cranky but refused to have his milk, so i took him to where the air hostesses are hoping I could rock him to sleep.... and also so that I could do all i have mentioned earlier!! He nearly slept.... eyes were super heavy... but the girls came back with their cart and he woke up :( so I gave up!

All I managed to get from the cart were some yummy cashew nuts.... which I hid from him and ate!! Gave him the colorful box they came in though!

After a point, for some reason which was surprising in an afternoon flight, they dimmed the lights.... which made bumling sleepy.... I think he was tired so he took the mulmul fabric I gave him rubbed it onto his face and happily knocked out!!

AAAhhhhh!!! What a feeling....!

I think Maya's mother wanted to kill me!! Because by now Maya was fully upset about something.. and was shreiking and kicking away in her fathers arms... he tried walking around with her but she didnt give in... At one time I even noticed, she had climbed onto the seat and was peering at Bob and Charlie... and when Charlie looked at her she raised her hand at him like she would hit him.... but luckily Charlie's dad saw her and pulled him away... rather than creating a scene, he simply showed her his angry eyes till she sat down...

This really made me think... I could see her parents try real hard to calm her... they gave her her milk... some cookies... they tried cajoling her , shouting at her even giving her a little whack on her bum.... but she just woudn't stop behaving badly. At one point when Sid was sleeping and she was screaming her mother looked at me with a very embarressed look and apologetic eyes... I simply smiled my best sympathetic smile...

What makes kids behave so badly? I think its when you give in to their every demand... and suddenly when it suits you you don't want to... I'm sure at home when she throws a fit they must be giving her what she wants because maybe both are working and its easier for them, maybe they weren't ready for a baby but had her since they did get pregnant.... it could be a number of reasons... but I think if your baby is cranky and throws tantrums, you have to get to the cause of it... because as ok as it might seem at home, in public... its the worst thing.

I really did feel bad for Maya's parents... till Sid woke up... then i was a bit mad!!! I was hoping he would at least sleep through the landing.... also because I had managed to read my book and eat all my cashews in peace!!

Anyway, once again i tried feeding him but he was just not interested.

He was fresh as a daisy and wanted to look around at everyone....Me on the other hand, I hate landings, so I was a little freaked again.... I held him tight and got ready for it..............

Smooth sailing!! He didn't even flinch!! He was so busy with a chewy toy I had given him.... that he didn't even realize we had landed!!

As always the whole aircraft started standing up before the gates could open... I have never understood that... why are people in such a hurry... it takes time for them to adjust the stairs... the luggage is still to be taken... why would you stand for twenty minutes?? Its this 'me first me first' attitude.... grrrrrrrr! I always sit peacefully till the last person has left....

But since I was in the eighth row and I had only one knapsack I decided to get off earlier... I did stand because Sid was getting super fidgety.... and oh boy... the kid went nuts.... he looked at each and every person and laughed at them... this one business man in his dark glasses and nose in his smart phone, actually had to give up his phone and play with Sid because he actually started shouting out for him!!! It was super cute and a bit embarresing!!

Maya's mum and Rajput Baba's mum also played with the little funny tot!! While stepping out the pilot smiled at him and he smiled right back!!

As soon as I got down, I went straight to a crew member and asked for my pram. A porter got it... so I asked him only if I needed help with my luggage would there be someone at the conveyor belt, he offered to come himself :)

So I put bumling into the pram which we carried into the bus.... here as well he kept smiling at an aunty and reaching out to shake her hand!

The porter helped my with all my luggage and strolled it out with me all the way to my brother's car and even helped the driver put it in the car!!

So no fear mommies.... between the airline staff and the airport staff... no one will let a single mommy go through any trouble...

1. Assistance is seriously all around, even if you don't ask someone will ask you. 

2. If you go early and smile (!!) your hand baggage could be taken into check in free of charge.

3.Carry the pram it really helps during feeds... and going from check in to security check in to boarding gate you'll need it... the only, only thing is the going to the loo bit.... but well what you going to do?!! So like me, trust the pretty air hostess and run and run back!!!

4. Carry lots of toys for the baby for the flight in case he decides not to sleep. And his food.... Feeding during take of and landing is the best. 

5. And most importantly if your baby is uncomfortable and cranky, IGNORE the angry looks from all the people around you... Your baby is the only important thing.... If you stay calm he will stay calm... Walk with him, sing to him... Just make him feel good :) 

And have lots of fun with him!! I played and played with the bumling till he got sleepy...! 

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