Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Traveling with the bumling!!! Part one!

So this time the plan was for me to go ahead and Aadi to follow..... I was sooooo happy to be going to Bombay, i just jumped around screaming "yes yes yes" without really thinking! 

He said "baby are you sure you'll be ok?" 

"Ya ya... What's there? He sleeps thru the flight.... So I'll be fine" 

"Ok.... ... So should I book?" 

"Ya ya" shrugging my shoulders and walking around the room all like whatever!!!!! 

Two days before the flight and I still hadn't packed... That's not me... I'm the kind who pulls out her suitcases a week before.. Makes lists... Starts putting things in.... Makes more lists!!! 

It was my mother in laws birthday the day before my flight... So I was happily celebrating (read- eating like a pig!!! I mean Chinese to bring in the birthday, South Indian do the birthday lunch, chicken curry for dinner!!!) 

Anyhow, I start packing one day before... And I freak the hell out!!! 


How was I thinking even that this was possible? I mean I'm allowed 15 kgs check in and 7kgs hand baggage, plus the bumlings 7kg only in hand luggage... Also I wanted to carry the pram so that I could put him in it for when I fed him at the airport.... 

Super duper stress has dawned on me..... 

Aadi tried so much to make me feel better, helped me pack all my bags and rearrange stuff and promised to carry anything I couldn't take (like my sketch books and colors, sid's baby book) 

But I was still all nerves! 

So I put up a post to some of my favorite mommies.... The first moms club on facebook!!!! And the quick replies I got... The encouragement, the support, the tips and tricks of flying alone with your baby.... It really boosted my confidence... 

Now I was ready to go....

I finally had like two suitcases, one 14kgs check in and one 7 kgs hand carry and one napsack of about 7-8 kgs hand carry... I prayed and prayed they would take away my hand carry suitcase...And guess what... They did!!!!!!

Suddenly it felt like a whole burden(literally) was off my shoulders. 

Post security check in, we sat right next to the gate... Him in his little pram looking like a doll and me starting at him thinking wow... We can totally do this!!! 

We had about an hour till the flight... I decided to feed him his custard half and your before so his tummy would be full and he would have his milk at take off and knock off!!! 

The whole flight pretty much boarded while my bumbling ate his meal and watched them! 

Then suddenly I got a call from nature... And I freaked again... Oh my God... How am I supposed to go to the loo?? I can't take him in, for one the loos are small and two... I've never gone to the loo with Sid around!!!! Just seemed weird! 

After thinking and over thinking and thinking some more, all the while my bladder threatening to burst... I went up to the ground staff girl who was checking the passengers in, and requested her to watch him in his pram while I went and came,.. Poor girl was so confused and hesitant but didn't know how to say no... And before she could I turned and ran to the loo.. Yes ran... Like a eight year old let loose!!!

Finally we board, we're the last one.. Really we are the absolute last ones!! 

I fine my seat, the air hostess helped with my napsack and guess what? The two seats next to my window seat.... EMPTY!!! 


Sid wasnt interested in his milk, which I made by calling an air hostess to hold him while I did it... I think I finally remembered Amitabh's dialogue in English Vinglish... Where he tells Sridevi to press the button to call the air hostess shamelessly!!!! 

Anyway, so I give him a soother which he keeps throwing..... And next thing I know we have taken off!!! 

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