Friday, 6 January 2017

New Years Resolutions of a Three year 10 month Old!!

Siddy doesn't even understand what a month is...I mean the kid has no concept of time really yet... so new year night for him was just another party! And what a party he had....! He had all his building friends around and his best friend Nikki around... and I think his favourite part of the night was when we cracked open the confetti crackers!!! the little cutie kept collecting the confetti and throwing it on his friends!!! 

He's totally my kid!! 

Anyhow, this night got me thinking if he did know about new years and new year resolutions, and he could make some,  would these make the cut? 

1. Learn to eat on my own without making a massive mess!!
2. Learn to pee and poop and clean up on my own 
3. Shower on my own 
4. Loose my fear of the slide at the park. 
5. Convince my mum to take me outdoor more! 
6. Do some activity sheets at home everyday instead of sitting on the iPad. 
7. Learn to tie my shoelaces this year!
8. Play more and more and more 
9. Spend more time with hansie! 
10. Bug my mum a whole lot less!!! 

I would totally approve of a list like this!! 

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