Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I don't trust you Mumma...

So we're flying off to jaipur... all excited for the nice long weekend...

On flight Aadi and I decide to share a sandwich... and siddy asks for a popcorn...

The pretty airhostess happily hands over this fancy shmancy gourmet popcorn tub to him...!

They're good... tasty and all but it's a little weird that every popcorn is the exact same round shape as the other....

Anyway... So we're sharing it of course... I've given siddy the lid of the tub and keep refilling it with caramel and cheese popcorn and he's loving it!

After a while though I find the caramel too sweet so i decide to save some cheese for myself for the end...

Thats when mister asks me for more popcorn and I promptly say "Baby there is only caramel left... the cheese is over"

I mean hello,  he's a kid, he's got to love the sweet caramel one more right?


"No but I want cheese mumma"

By now Aadi is laughing...

Siddy obviously knows something is up..

Me I can't stop the lies now "Arre but its over then what can i do... here take some caramel" I tell him while generously giving him some ten popcorns...



"Show me the tub mumma"

Oh my god!! what a four year old I have... has absolutely no trust in his own mother....

by now of course I have burst out laughing because anyone who knows me knows I suck at lying!!!

Siddy of course is trying to get to the tub to check by now!!!


Aadi saves the day by saying

 "Wait Siddy let me check I'm sure there are a few" and he pulls out two for him... and hands me one!!!


Never lying to this kid again!!

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