Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Hairband Inspector!

A four year old always tells the truth... remember that the next time you are doing something in front of your four year old!!

The other day bumling's little friend Niki left her hairband at home when she had come to play.
He found it and gave it to me... I said " Oh great. we'll return it tomorrow"

At this point I was working and had my hair falling on my eyes a lot. because obviously every tic toc clip I owned had disappeared.... I mean what is with that??

So anyways, I decide to use the hairband while I'm working.

When suddenly the hairband inspector comes to me very angrily, "That's Niki's hairband mumma"

"Ya so i'm just borrowing it" little guilt feeling is there.

"No you will break it"

"Arre, how big do you think my head is?"

"Very big"


Not that this was the end of it.

The next day in the auto ride home with Niki and her mum... he reminds me to give back the hairband which I luckily have in my bag.

While I give it to her he says" Latha Aunty, do you know my mumma wore Niki's hairband yesterday while she was working"

Oh my god... I nearly wished I could just fall out of that auto... because the little girl just looked at me in this really confused look... because normally she would have been quite ticked off i'm sure... but I'm lucky she actually is very fond of me... So she didn't really know what to say!!!

"Thanks Siddy.... thanks for being so honest!!"

I think... maybe... actually no!!!

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