Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Chappar chappar!!

Chappar chappar.... Non stop chappar chappar has started people..

Mumma who dat? 

Mumma give

Mumma choc - late.... 

Mumma mini car

Mumma le go Mumma

Mumma truck 

Mumma this Mumma that Mumma got a headache!!!! And stomach ache from laughing at the cuteness...

It's such a mad mix the annoyance of every sentence starting with Mumma Mumma and the adorableness of what he is saying!!! 

Bumling is loving talking... Somedays it's proper sentences... With broken up words like:

I going school or I going nai nai (bath time!!) 

And somedays it's just plain gibberish!!! 

Either ways it's super adorable! 

What's really fun is to ask him what he did in school... And you can see this concentration on his little face where in he knows what he did but the poor kid can't find the words to say it.. So he'll do one word descriptions like 'coloring' or 'dancing' or 'happy birthday' if there was a kids birthday!!! 

But that look when he's thinking of the words is so so so cute!!! 

And now that he is enjoying talking I'm encouraging him to talk more like when we went swimming last week I told him to tell his Mamu what he did... 

So he starts with " siddy swimming... Water...board ... Papa holding siddy..." All with these gaps while he's forming he words in his head and all with the cutest pronunciations of words!!!! Swimming is thwimming !!! 

And then he will kick his little legs to demonstrate the thwimming!! 
It's soooo much fun now that he is talking and understanding and reacting to what you are saying... Like the other night I was taking him to sleep and I asked him if he wanted his puppy ... He looks at the puppy and says " yes" so I said ok go get him... And promptly he went picked up the puppy and got him in... 

So not only did he understand me he thought about what I said then reacted!! 

My baby, my bumling is growing up... He not only knows what he wants but he can say it out loud... 

At night time.. When he knows his neneh is taking him to sleep.. He'll run around saying 'no neneh stop neneh ... Siddy sleep other room!!!!!! ' 

Now if he gets hurt he'll come and tell me and point to the spot that hurts... 

While his vocab is getting stronger by the day so his is awareness and sharpness... 

He remembers the chocolates are hidden behind the ketchup... He knows the apple is hidden in the oats... He remembers words and reactions to things... It's spooky!!! 

And man does he pick up words like a parrot!!! I could be randomly talking to Aadi about stuff and next thing I hear is he is repeating all my last few words ... So I'll say ' ya she came and picked up the bag' and Mr will go ' picked up the bag' 

Gotta be extra careful now with what we say ... And what we do... He's watching us and imitating is faster than we can blink... 

I love this stage though... I want to freeze this stage... This naughty adorable bite-his- cheeks phase!!! 


  1. Heyyy this is so adorable i could actually feel the warm and gooey feeling reading this. I remember how it felt with my elder one and now waiting for the younger one to start. Hes taking his own sweet time. but only yesterday he said phish pointing to the fish toy and i could feel all melty inside :).... enjoy your chappar chappar

    1. Awww thank you!!! I really do enjoy his chappar chappar a lot! Everyday it's something new!