Saturday, 16 September 2017

What will Niki Think?!!!

So we were off for a holiday recently... to Sri Lanka... which turned out to be such a great trip! We went with Siddy's best friend and her parents who are really fun people!

A few days prior to leaving, I told Siddy to pack his bag. He was quite excited. 

"What all should I carry?"

"A few t shirts some shorts and your undries"

"Arre but mumma how many t shirts?"

"Take 12 t shirts and 3 shorts"


I'm guessing he did some kind of calculation in his head. 

"How many days are we going for?"

"Five days"

More pause. more calculations.

"Mumma, how can I only take 3 shorts and 12 t shirts? I need as many shorts or pants as my t shirts na?"

"Ummmm... no... you can wear the same shorts again with a new t shirt baby"

"What will Niki think mumma? That I don't have more shorts? That I'm wearing the same one again and again?"

what will Niki think? Oh my God... I thought I had many many more years before the "What will (insert cute girl's name) think" situations in life!!!


  1. Head starts are important Maa!!!

    1. That is actually true... but that too I thought would come about five six years down the road!!!