Saturday, 16 September 2017

Over smart Smart a**!!!

I remember on our little trip recently, we were discussing how little Niki and her mumma were going to get into fights once she becomes a teenager... the whole- Don't wear this wear that, I don't like the clothes you are buying for me blah blah!!

And I was secretly (well not so secretly even) giggling and thanking my stars I wouldn't have to do it!

Cut to last night, when Siddy is still four. And we got into a fight.

Something silly of course like I asked him to keep something away, he didn't want to, I insisted, he insisted more... one thing led to another, the fight escalated.

Now I'm annoyed and getting irritated at everything, and he is getting annoyed with me and getting cranky for everything... and we are in a full blown shouting match.

Yes... me against a four year old.

I have a temper, and what can I say... so does he!

 "Siddy, you keep crying for little little things, and I know all you want to do is sleep, but you just wont go and sleep"

Now we start fighting about the fact that he doesn't want to sleep, but I swear he's super sleepy.

"I just cant take it anymore Siddy" I say really genuinely frustrated.

"Fine then lets just forget this fight now mumma.. lets just drop it now"

Hmmm? Did a four year old just tell me to forget a fight? To drop it now?


"Fine then, lets just drop it then" I say and take him to bed.

In the bedroom, we are both trying to 'just drop it" and be all normal.

In walks Aadi and I decide to tell him about how Siddy gets cranky when he's sleepy... and he turns to me and says "Didn't I say to just forget this fight now mumma?"

Oh God!!!

Bloody over smart smart ass!!!

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