Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A funny story!

It's been too long since a post no? 

Have been (touch wood) quite busy with work... Plus last month the horrible month of jan had us all down with a cold a cough a fever a bad tummy.. We were just bouncing it off each other! 

Siddy actually got quite sick in between which was super sucky... But now we are all good...! 

Here's a quick fun story : 

So if you have seen a baby's bum you will know that feeling of how it is not just super kissable it's super bite able too.. Right? 

The other day bumling was roaming around minus the diaper and shorts and his bum was just tooooooo edible.. So I put him over my knees and bit his bum!!! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! 

Lightly but Ya!! 

A cute it was!! 

I laughed he laughed we all laughed... 

A few hours later I was in the kitchen and he comes in, now all fully clothed, point at his bum and says 

"Mumma please bite my bum"!!!!!

Oh the cuteness that is this pudding!!!! 

Now we have bum biting requests quite frequently!!! 

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