Saturday, 4 November 2017

The not so good boy!

For all of you who think Siddy is all sugary and nice here is something that will completely change your mind!

So the other day it was one of his friend's birthday and we were discussing what to get as a present.

I love asking him for his opinion because they are always fun!

Like one time after contemplating the question, he said to get a friend a hat,  another  time to get a skateboard and yet another to get a boxing bag but with princesses on them since it was for a girl!

I have recently fallen in love with tool sets for boys... we got Siddy his first set when he was two and I remember him trying to fix ... well... everything. He would fix the table, his cycle, the chair even the walls!

The hammer never left his hand!!!

He's had two sets since and still plays with them.

So the last time we had to gift my nephew something we got him a really cool tool set. In fact it was way cooler than any set Siddy has had! Apart from all the tools it had a hard hat and goggles!

Very cool!

Anyway, so coming back to us discussing what gift to get for his friend. The birthday boy being just a few months older than my nephew, I suggested getting him a tool set as well.

At first he goes " Ya thats great get him a tool set, he will love it"

"Ok cool, I'll get him the same one we got for Hans"


"No not that one"


"Its too fancy"

"Arre but thats the good part na, it has that cool hardhat and the goggles and all"

"Ya but thats why only. Its too fancy. And I don't want anyone to have a tool set more fancy than mine!!!"

hmmmmmm?!!!!!! seriously!

Where did my good little boy go? And who is this naughty and borderline mean boy come from?!!!

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