Sunday, 29 October 2017

Carrying that Sleeping Baby!

The best thing I think about being a kid?

Knowing someone will take you home.

I remember growing up, any restaurant we went to, no matter how early or late, post dinner my brother would just pass out. And every single morning he would wake up safe and sound in his bed.

And even as a child I used to find that so amazing... that literally a kid could fall sleep anywhere and his parents would pick him and take him home.

Seen it on tv shows, movies, as I grew up I'd see it amongst friends with their kids... and I always thought that there could be nothing that expressed the feeling of security as much as this.

And the first few times we did it with bumling, I was so aware we were doing it. You know that out of body experience, where you stand outside and look at yourself doing something and think "Wow .. I always wondered if I would do that?"

And you are doing it.

And it is amazing, because it just reaffirms the whole deal of being a parent. Of having a little human who is yours to protect, yours to make feel secure over and above anyone, anything else. And its a very overwhelming feeling, but I love it.

So every time, post a party or dinner or even a long drive, when we pick up a sleeping little Siddy from the car and heave his ever growing ass back home, I find myself smiling and being grateful for having him!

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