Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Some fun calculations!!

It's been 1011 days today since I had siddy ...  And I just thought about this: 

I must have kissed him around 50550 since he was born keeping 50 kisses a day as an average! 

And 45495 hugs at 45 hugs a day as an average!!  

Been upset with him atleast for 1/4 the time so that's around 252 days... 

Smiled in the day because of him at least 15165 times with around 15 times a day average! 

Laughed with him around the same.... If not more.... 

That's also like 24264 hours with him!! 8088 he's asleep, 3033 he's eating ( an hour a meal 3 meals!!) 

200 days a year in school...  500 days in 2 and a half years that's 1500 hours gone there... 

That leave us with 12000 hours together since he was born!!!! 

Point is I've had this pudding driving me nuts in my life for so long now that I've started doing fun crazy math!!! 

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